Frequently Asked Questions

How is paint recycled?
We collect unwanted paint from a variety of sources, including municipal governments, paint manufacturers, commercial painting contractors, and paint retailers. We may receive products that are mistinted, mislabeled, over-ordered leftovers, discontinued, etc. Every item that we receive is taken through a strict sorting process by color, type, etc and combined into batches. Each and every batch is then tested for the key quality characteristics of paint. We then, through a proprietary process, rebalance and recolor the product, bringing it up to the highest standard of quality and consistency.

What should I do with my old paint?
At this time, we are unable to collect unwanted paint directly from you, but we are working with a number of cities and counties to develop and promote recycling programs that include latex paint. Check with your local household hazardous waste agency to see if they currently have a program in place for latex paint. In addition, we have put together a program for some of the retailers who carry our product to offer a collection point within their stores. Check with your local retailer so see if they currently offer this service, or would perhaps be willing to. Please encourage them to contact us if they are interested.

What are VOC's?
VOC is an acronym for Volatile Organic Compound. VOC's are the gasses that a product emits as it cures, and are often harmful to humans and pets with prolonged exposure. Until recently many construction materials contained VOC's, with the main culprits being paint and carpet. New advancements in technology coupled with new regulations have helped to significantly reduce and in some cases eliminate the presence of VOC's in theses products. Because VOC's naturally escape from paint over time, recycled paint by nature has fewer VOC's than new paint of the exact same formulation. In addition, in our re-manufacturing process, we use zero VOC components to ensure that the overall VOC content of our finished product is as low as possible. Our Lifebreath Series is made of a 50/50 blend of recycled paint and zero VOC virgin paint.

Is recycled paint lower quality than new paint?
The answer to that question probably depends on where you are getting your recycled paint from. 100% Recycled Content paint may be lower quality in that due to the evaporation of water from the product its pH levels may have changed significantly, and the consistency of the product may have changed such that it is either too thick or thin. Legacy Paint however goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure that all of these key quality measures are brought up to a high standard. Our finished products meet or exceed MPI (Master Painters Institute) standards and are certified by MPI.

All of the major paint brands have "green" products now, what makes this any better?
Most of the "green" paints on the market have focused on low or no VOC's, which as we discuss above, is extremely important for both environmental and personal health. However, all of these products are still produced through the harvesting of natural resources and they still contribute to the increasing problem of paint waste reaching levels of 64 million gallons per year. With Legacy remanufactured paints, you are significantly reducing VOC's while greatly reducing waste and the harvesting of natural resources, creating a "closed loop" lifecycle.

What colors are available?
Most recyclers currently offer only 4 or 5 colors, and many will not guarantee batch consistency. Because of our proprietary process, we are able to offer a beautiful selection of 12 standard colors with guaranteed consistency. And at the same time, if there is a specific color you require, we will manufacture our paint to any color under the rainbow for you (additional lead times and costs may apply).

What is the difference between recycled and remanufactured paint?
Recycled paint contains basically 100% post consumer or post industrial content, and is made through a process of sorting reclaimed paints by type, color, sheen, etc. and filtering the paint and blending it into larger batches. Recycled paint is limited in color and sheen availability, and every batch will vary. Many non-profit and municipal groups use recycled paint for public housing improvements, graffiti cover up, etc. Remanufactured paint on the other hand usually consists of 50 to 80% post consumer or post industrial content combined with virgin materials. This combination allows the manufacturer to achieve batch consistency with color, sheen, pH, etc. Batches of recycled paint are created by sorting, filtering, and blending reclaimed paint, but then each batch is tested for key characteristics of quality paint, and then the necessary ingredients are added to bring the final product up to factory specifications. Colorants are added at this time as well to create a finished product.

Are there any notable uses of recycled or remanufactured paint?
Yes. In fact, remanufactured paint has been used to paint the halls of the Pentagon, the California State Capitol Building, The EPA offices in New York City, and many, many others.

I went to my local paint store, but couldn't find recycled paint. What should I do?
Because recycled paint is a relatively new technology, many retailers are unaware that there is building consumer demand for this great new product. You, the customer, are the very best person to let them know. Talk to the manager of the store or paint department and tell them that you are interested in purchasing recycled paint, and ask if they would consider carrying it. You are welcome to give them our phone number or website information as a possible brand they could carry. Also, feel free to contact us and let us know what city you are in, and where you prefer to buy paint. We will happily contact the retailer and let them know of your interest in this product.

I like what I see, can I buy stock in Legacy Paints?
First of all, thank you. We believe in what we are doing, and are working to build "sustainability" into every part of our organization. We are a privately held company, but we are always looking for the right partners who believe in the same principles and can come along side us and work together. If you feel you may something to offer, please contact us, we would be more than happy to discuss opportunities.

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